Crafting high-end 3D NFTs Artefacts 
& Immersive Metaverse Experiences 

We are Web 3.0 enablers for Brands

The Metaverses are a new frontier for brands and creators. The backing of the Blockchain makes ownership of digital works finally possible. When a Fan offers himself a creation in the form of an NFT, he is the sole owner. He can profit from it in the Metaverse or resell it. For a brand, it is a new source of income (alongside physical sales), a vector of unique image (innovation / creativity / exclusivity / rarity), but also a laboratory to test (in digital) the appetite for a future physical product.
Brands, we support you throughout the process of creating your NFT collections and your immersive Metaverse Experiences !
Hyper-reality crafters, we bring your visions to life (even the craziest) and we encrypt them on the Blockchain so that they become unique!
We want to push NFTs and Metaverse digital artefacts to a far new level of quality ! Much more interactive, realistic, exclusive and premium ! We believe that there is an unexplored room to provide Brands with the same level of digital experience as in the real world. And we have the technology for that ! Decentraland, The SandBox, Roblox…
All current Metaverses are very “low fidelity”, gaming-inspired universes. Besides NFTs production is also relatively poor graphically speaking.It does not fit Premium Brands expectation, especially  luxury Brands ! 
Today they need two things :1/ To drop high-fidelity, realistic, premium NFT creations2/ To display theses NFTs in immersive, best-quality, real-time 3D Metaverses

We mix best-in-class 3D creative skills, real-time engine technology, and strong NFT marketing and minting capabilities to give brands a cutting-edge presence in web 3.0

What we do


Fashion, watchmaking, Interior Design, jewellery... True works of art, our 3D digital artefacts are unique. We work hand in hand with creators within brands to bring their ideas to life. It is an iterative and collaborative process. Our goal is to have the most realistic rendering possible.


We bring the best Real-time, 3D, multi-user Metaverse Experiences for customers. The goal here is to showcase NFTs in an environment where people can discover them the best way. It can be the Brand's own Metaverse or existing Metaverses.


We organize the "Drops" for our customers. When a collection of artefacts is ready, it is necessary to decide on its marketing. We advise our clients on all these aspects: marketplaces / reference blockchain (Ethereum or Tezos in particular) / number of copies / sale price / IRL associated rights / fees & royalties.

PROMOTION & Auctions

For the sale to be a success (auction or direct sale) we promote them on all possible digital channels : social networks (Discord, IG, Twitter...). Paid or organic acquisition


When all aspects of the Drop are set, we proceed to Miniting the NFTs on behalf of the brands we support. We encrypt them on the target blockchain and associate all the expected attributes with them. We also provide auctions (monitoring / moderation / closing)


In relation with our Clients (internal production teams or our own service providers), we can ensure the "physical" production the NFT, when it is integrated in the Smart Contract

Our realistic NFTs also allow brands to test the interest of their products and their commercial potential before their real production (Forging). We ensure the conditions for a perfect representativeness of these experiments thanks to strong convictions:


Our NFTs live in their environment. Our conviction is that to arouse desire, desirability, you have to invent the setting that will sublimate creation. We reflect as much on the scenography and the discovery process as on the work (or collection) to be exhibited.

Occulus Nest, masque de réalité virtuelle

Experience & interactivity first !

Our technological expertise (Unreal Engine, VR, AR...) allows us to give substance to a second conviction: the object must be able to be understood and manipulated as naturally as possible. 3D makes texture palpable, volume and scale obvious. The animation will bring the object to life.

FORGEABLE (or not)

Our creations sail on a ridge line. Realistic, but also poetic and innovative. When discovering them, we must always ask ourselves this question: is it really forgeable? Some brands will want to be able to concretely produce these virtual works and make a counterpart of them. Others will prefer to leave the object... virtual!